Traces of almojábana(s): FOODSCAPES’ infrastructural semiotics

Foodscapes - Spanish Pavilion at the 2023 Venice Biennale

Almojábanas used to be a very popular sweet food in Al-Andalus. These fritters were made from a mixture of water, flour, and cheese, the fried in oil and coated in cinnamon and honey. In current day Spain, we can find its Colombian derivation in many cities as well as local variations in Valencia, Aragon or... View Article


El Gran Río. Resistencia, rebeldía, rebelión, revolución

El Gran Río. Resistencia, rebeldía, rebelión, revolución fue un proyecto expositivo desarrollado en el Círculo de Bellas Artes en 2017 para afrontar el concepto de conflicto desde múltiples enfoques, interrelacionando revoluciones a lo largo de la historia, buscando las motivaciones que desembocan en formas de resistencia y sus consecuencias, y desentrañando rebeldías pasadas y presentes.... View Article


Exception and the Rebel Body: the Political as Generator of a Minor Architecture

Bus seating chart for Rosa Parks 04767_2000_001

Following the Iranian elections in 2009, the city of Tehran experienced a wave of protests to denounce alleged irregularities in the electoral process. As the streets were lined with police chasing protesters, they climbed to the city’s rooftops to express their disagreement. Thus, every night a chorus of voices intoned the same chants their parents’... View Article